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Looking for a hands-on experience to learn a skill in computer science? MindCraft camps provide a full in-depth experience for participants to learn a computer science related topic, a specific set of skills, and reflect what they learn on real life scenarios. Students practice concepts by developing their own solutions to a given set of problems. By the end of the camp, students build their own project and get the opportunity to put together everything they learnt into a working product of their own. The duration of the camps can be adapted according to the audience. In total, each camp delivers a total of 18 hours. The sessions can be conducted all in one week, or distributed over multiple weeks. We currently have six camps in three domains; computational thinking, programming, and machine learning. Each camp is carefully designed to cater to different age groups and to offer various activities that can be tailored towards the audience interest.

Computational Thinking Camps

Designed for anyone with an interest to learn programming but doesn’t know where to start. We use an interactive tool that simplifies text-based programming allowing participants to grasp the concepts without worrying about the syntax. Participant apply all what they learn on real life scenarios such as vacuum cleaners and warehouse management.
RoboMind Beginners: Warehouse Management
RoboMind Intermediate: Search and Rescue

Programming Camps

Who said learning how to code is boring or difficult? In our camps we take the participants in a rich hands-on experience where they learn how to program and build their own project. The camps allow participants to learn the syntax and context of the language using the simplest and most effective methods. We don’t stop at teaching the concept, participants will also reflect everything they learn on day-to-day applications. We currently have two camps:
Intro to Python: Building Games 101
Intermediate Python: Traffic Violation System

Machine Learning Camps

Hear a lot about ML and wonder how does it actually work? Ready to transform your understanding of ML and how decisions are made in our modern systems? Our ML camps answer all these and more. Join us for an opportunity to learn ML in a nutshell. We offer a unique experience that is tailored to suit various domains. By the end of the camp, you will be able to build ML models that solve real life problems and allow your application to make better decisions.
Intro to Machine Learning: Smart Groceries App
Machine Learning and Neural Networks: Traffic Signs Detection

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