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Within CMUQ campus and Beyond, MindCraft OnDemand offers events and workshops that are tailored to specific audience based on their request. We basically, bring the workshops to you! This is in an effort to reach as many students as possible across Qatar. This can be achieved by taking the offered workshops material and delivering it to your students at your venue/school, it can also be done by tailoring a new material to meet your request, or by taking part in the national science week at your school.

Previous MindCraft OnDemand Events

Alice Programming Competition

Alice is a block-based programming tool that helps students learn programming easily through building animation and games. In the annual Alice Programming competition, middle and secondary school students submit animations or games in Alice 3 and present it to judges on the competiton day. Read more..

Darb Alsaai

MindCraft participated in offering activities that are suitable for different age groups. The activities involved robots that navigate a maze by detecting different signs placed around the maze. This allowed the children to reflect on the idea of self-driven cars. The exhibition lasted 10 days, with more than 5000 people vititing CMUQ booth from different age groups.

Kindergarten STEM Week

During STEM week, MindCraft offers STEM related activities in Schools and Kindergartens around Qatar. We take the opportunity to engage students and teach them about the world of Computer Science. This effort is essential to spread the awareness of the CS feild and its importance in todays world.

MindCraft App Hakathon

A three days program that teaches students the foundation of mobile App design and development. Students’ different educational level and background is taken into consideration when designing the material. After two days of interactive teaching, students brainstorm on ideas that solve a given problem. Each team choose only one idea to design and develop an App for it.
On the third day, each team presents their App in front of judges attending the presentation along with parents and friends. Teams’ performance varies, and we are always amazed. Students’ creativity and their youthful imagination takes them beyond what we deliver.

Mother-Child in Tech

QCRI hosted a mother-child Tech event where various activities were offered. The event was open for children up to 9 years old. MindCraft took part in delivering activities that taught children about the language of computers, binary numbers, coding, and encryption. Students enjoyed hands-on activities, and were very engaged in learning and playing with their mothers as well as other children.

NSRW 2019

Under the Ministry of Education, QNCC hosted the National Scientific Research Week. The NSRW features a series of scientific competitions and activities for school students. MindCraft offered robotic activities using Cozmo for 5th grade students from public schools. Students learned sequantial programming and other fundementals that helped them control the robot and solve a set of given challenges.

Pizza & Programming

Pizza & Programming competitions organized by CMU-Q ICPC group, where the students practice their problem solving and coding skills, and eat some pizza. The contests are organized in the same format as ICPC, one of the world’s most prestigious programming competitions. You can participate with a team of up to three people. Each team will have only one computer, and there is no internet access. The problems can be solved in C, C++, Python, or Java. You are free to bring any written references with you. If you are interested in getting involved, please join our mailing list.


For three consicutive years, HBJ center co-organize the Qatar Collegiate Programming Competition (QCPC). The QCPC is the only national programming competition in Qatar. This year, high school students competed in their own category. More than 200 students participated, forming 35 university-level teams and 29 high school teams. Read more..

VEX National Competition

In partnership with Texas A&M University, we organized Qatar VEX Robotics Competition for high school students. Over the three years, thirty teams participated in the robotics competition that was held at the Qatar Science and Technology Secondary School (QSTSS). We developed a customized course and coached the teams throughout the academic year to prepar them for the competition.

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