MindCraft Alpha

On the day of the MindCraft event, students will have the opportunity to explore CS in two different workshops, robotics and computational thinking. Both workshops are delivered in an interactive manner, where students get to learn, apply, play, and enjoy with their friends.


Robotics play an essenial role in teaching computer science for school students. It is fun, interactive, and when choosing the right tools, it is easy for the students to explore. In this workshop, students learn basic programming concepts then program a robot in order to solve a set of given challenges. This year's theme of the challenges is Football. Themes change annually to adapt to the latest topics in the market. Themes vary from self-drivin cars, AI, and other topics.

Computational Thinking

Beyond computer screens, a computer scientist requires a set of skills in order to solve any CS related problem. Problem solving and critical thinking are two of the main skills that are crucial in this field. In MindCraft, we ensure that students experience CS from its various aspects. Computational thinking topics include searching, sorting, hash tables Cryptography, Steganography, shortest path algorithm, traveling salesman problem, and other concepts.

MindCraft Alpha in Numbers

Over 6500 Applicants

Number of applicants increases by about 20% annualy.

More than 4300 Attendees

Students from different backgrounds, educational levels, and

More Than 40 Schools

Students from all schools in Qatar are welcome to join!

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